What is one thing you would do differently during your senior year?

"I would make sure to be on time to school and go to all my classes. Be more confident."                           Anonymous

"I would try to be a role model so people can look up to me. I would be an example"
Demoi Morris

"I would make fewer mistakes involving other people and submit all my work."                           Anonymous

"I would have tried to be better with time management.."                          
Orela Anani

"I would reconsider the programs/extra curricular activities I was in all four years."
Kershima John-Lewis

"Took AP classes different attitude... more responsible"
Kellyann Mccarthy

"I would take more AP classes."                          
Lilian Umana

"Not get kicked out of NJROTC."
Dashell Tolson

Mr. Murphy says, “I feel like our school isn’t a safe school. I’ve had students tell me teachers say some really negative things. They don’t feel safe.” He also says “It is one of the top issues facing students in this school. Students not feeling safe in their classes.”


Jocelyn Rodriguez, a senior says, “Recently, I had problems with homophobic people.” This is exactly what the GSA is trying to end.


There are problems with getting our school to be a safe school. Mr. Murphy says “’s hard to  get everyone on the same page.”


The GSA attempts to make the school safer by having several events that support LGBTQ students. On March 26th they sponsored Ally Day, a day where people show support for the LGBTQ students.


They also sponsored a “Day of Silence” on April 11th. What is a Day of Silence? It is a day where students take a vow of silence to shine a light on  LGBTQ harassment.


Dashell Tolson, a senior at Northwestern High School, participated in the Day of Silence. She says, "I did the day of silence because I have friends that are gay. I know people that feel they can't talk to their family and can't talk to any other people."












Students @ Leadership HS
in San Fransciico, CA particpate in the National Day of Silence


LGBTQ harassment is a serious issue in school.


Through the activities of the GSA, Northwestern High School will continue to truly become a safe and secure environment for all students.

Wildcats Unite

The Northwestern GSA Goes Silent for LGBTQ Rights

Giovanni Flores


Is everyone accepted and protected at Northwestern High School? Are students here able to fully express themselves no matter how flamboyant or different? Often in the hallways you hear extremely harsh and homophobic words like “homo” or “queer” or you hear students declare “oh, that’s gay!”


In 2011,  Governor, Martin O'Malley, of Maryland, stated that, "Marylanders of all walks of life want their children to live in a loving, stable, committed home protected under the law." The Governor supports gay rights, such as same sex marriage; while school leaders work with the community to recognize and even protect LGBTQ students.












Senior Dashell Tolson
Takes A Stand



According to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, in 2008, 5% of High School students are gay or lesbian.


According to, “9 out of 10 LGBT teens have reported being bullied at school within the past year because of their sexual orientation…”


How can Northwestern High School help these students? The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)  is attempting to assist and empower  the LGBTQ students. They also work to educate all Wildcats about alternative lifestyles.


James Murphey and Carley Finklestein, co-sponsors of The GSA want to make Northwestern a safe school for the LGBTQ students, meaning a school where LGBTQ students are not harassed.