What is one thing you would do differently during your senior year?

"I would make sure to be on time to school and go to all my classes. Be more confident."                           Anonymous

"I would make fewer mistakes involving other people and submit all my work."                           Anonymous

"I would have tried to be better with time management.."                          
Orela Anani

"I would take more AP classes."                          
Lilian Umana

"I would try to be a role model so people can look up to me. I would be an example"
Demoi Morris

"I would reconsider the programs/extra curricular activities I was in all four years."
Kershima John-Lewis

"Took AP classes different attitude... more responsible"
Kellyann Mccarthy

"Not get kicked out of NJROTC."
Dashell Tolson

Strive Not To Be A Success,
But Rather To Be Of Value

A Special Feature on the Northwestern NJROTC

Kenya Abraham and Marcia McEaddy
December 2013


"Motivation level was high!" wrote Col Raymond Celeste, USMC (Retired) in reference to the 2013 Navy ROTC Annual Inspection at Northwestern High School in Hyattsville, MD.


Northwestern High School is home to several programs. One of the oldest and most respected programs is the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. The program is open to any and all students attending Northwestern High School.

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New to the PAW PRINT
From Middle School to High School


Teachers always say “it gets harder later in life” that “this is the easy part of life.” My middle school teachers said this to me, and honestly, I didn’t believe it got harder. It seems impossible,
but then I got to high school, and the teachers say the same thing.


High School has been the hardest part of my life so far and hearing “it gets worse” is not helping. Whatever happened to the motivational talks kids got in elementary school? I remember being happy, looking forward to going to school. Now, I can't wait for the school day to be over.
At least the transition between elementary school and middle school was easier for me.

                                                                                   High School cont.

The Future of Sports Journalism
NHS journalists attend forum at UMD

Shirleah Ragin & Marcus Ford
November 2013

On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at the Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism a group of six renowned sports journalists shared their valuable insights on what may be The Future of Sports & Television.


The panel covered various aspects of the sports journalism, such as: high school sports; collegiate sports; and pro league sports coverage.


Dave Owens, local sports anchor for WUSA 9 and one who shares his expertise in Sports Reporting as an adjunct  professor at UMD’s Merrill College; shares his insight on the future of high school sports coverage.
  Sports Journalism cont.